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2024 Mission Trip with Resonate Global Mission

Dominican Republic: Service and Learning Team (SALT) Youth Ministry. Serve and learn alongside local congregations and ministries as well as other volunteers, to develop deep cross-cultural relationships, and to experience the rich hospitality, cultural heritage, and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

A key element of SALT is a three-way partnership: Resonate is the host and in charge of logistics, the local church organization plans the activities and ministry outreach, and the sending church recruits

Our Team's Mission:

Partnering with Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Pastor Naasson Civil leads this 15 year old church that has never owned its own building. Through generous donations, the church was blessed to purchase land last year. One of our teams will be working along side their workers for the construction of the building. the other team will be teaming up with their Youth Ministry for programming for children.

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