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Last Couple of Days

Sunday was our last full day in the Dominican Republic. In the morning we were able to go and worship with the local church (Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church) that is building the church we helped with. It was, like last week, good to worship with brothers and sisters in Christ from other parts of the world, even if we couldn't understand much. It was a pleasure, however, to watch and listen to them sing. We also were able to lead some singing. We led the congregation in singing "Alabare" in Spanish and then at the end we led them in Amazing Grace, which ended with them singing in Haitian Creole and us in English.

Pastor Phil also had the opportunity to preach, with the local Resonate missionary translating for him.

We were blessed by them and we had the opportunity to bless them in return.

After church we headed back to the ministry center for a quick lunch and then loaded up the vans with ourselves and our luggage, said goodbye to everyone,

and drove for 3 hours for a long awaited hour or two at the beach. As it was a Sunday afternoon it was very, very busy and we had to walk a way to find a spot on the beach, but once we did, it was nice to go for a dip in the ocean and, for some, to soak up some sun for the last chance to come back with a bit more colour.

When we were done at the beach we headed to Punta Cana and grabbed supper at Wendy's and then headed to the Hotel Yamili for our final night. We were able to have one last chance to do devotions together and to reflect on our week and on how we have experienced God and seen Christ in our work and in our time together.

Because we had to be up in the 5's, some went to bed after devotions and others stayed up and chatted for a little while longer before going to bed. In that way, the week also provided us with an opportunity to get to know some other people from the team a little bit better than we knew them before.

In the morning we were at the front door of the hotel at 6:00 and we loaded up to go to the airport.

Everything went well with the flight and with the drive home, and everyone was safely back by about 5:30 p.m, thankful for a wonderful time together and a wonderful time serving Christ. But thankful too for the comforts of home.

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