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Mission Trip Day 9

Today was a partial split group. Most of the team went to the building project in the morning and Pastor Phil, since he has to preach tomorrow, decided he should probably get something together for that.

The building project today involved much of the same work as the past few days did...moving dirt and helping to get things a bit more level. They also helped clean up some piles of sand and dirt that were on the road and made things look a bit neater. Meanwhile, the members of the church continued to put up blocks for the walls, and got most of the concreted blocks, for 3 of the walls put in place. Here are some pictures to give a sense of what was accomplished this past week.

The other thing that we had a chance to do was begin to dig some of the holes for the supports in the middle of the building. They have to be 1.5 Meters deep and, fortunately, we had almost an exact measuring standard.

We only had an hour and a half to dig in the afternoon, however, and so we were only able to get, as you can see, about half least in this one hole. The ground had different levels of hardness and so some were dug a bit easier and one spot was mostly rock and didn't get as far.

After finishing our day, we headed back to the ministry center and got cleaned up a bit and then relaxed until supper. After supper we headed a few blocks over for another evening with children from the local community, at the local CRC for some singing, Bible stories (with acting from our youth) and some coloring.

About 32 children showed up, which was 10 more than last week. I think there was some excitement for our youth coming back.

When that was finished, we came back and our evening devotions and then everyone got the rest of the evening/night pack, to relax, to hang out with some local youth, or to got to bed.

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