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Day 3

Day 3 began with breakfast at 8:00 am followed by getting ready for church. Pastor Phill even got his iron out for his shirt!

We loaded into the van and headed to the Ebeneezer Christian Reformed Church about 15 minutes from the center. The church was located in the top room of a building which we climbed a narrow staircase to get to. The service was very lively and full of worship. We got a chance to come up in front of the congregation and introduce our group (translated by Steve).

Once the service was finished we headed back to the center for lunch which was pasta. Around 2pm we drove to the work site where we got our first view of the church foundation where we will be working. We spent the next few hours working alongside some local members to level out the ground, fill in holes, and pour concrete. At one point when digging in the dirt we got the surprise of seeing a big hairy spider!

It was quite hot and the sun was beating down on us but we survived by taking water breaks often and resting in the shade. We left the job site just after 6 and made it back to the center for dinner. We had rice, chicken, and cooked vegetables which was all very yummy. After dinner we washed up and had a meeting led by Pastor Phil and Steve about how the day went, as well as a little history about the Haitian and Dominican Republican Christian Reformed Churches.

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