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Mission Trip Day 5

Today was our first split day. The adults, after breakfast all went to the worksite to do some more work on the building project. Most of the day was spent moving dirt and pulling nails.

The youth stayed behind so that they could do some work with the local Christian school, which is located next to the CRC ministry center, where we are staying. Some of the youth went into classrooms to help with some very basic English language teaching,

and some of the youth spent the morning helping with the gym classes. Gym classes began with basketball, and then later in the morning switched to volleyball and we eventually ended up with most of the youth helping with gym and only a couple doing English classes. Although they were to able to make up some of the missed English teaching during the last hour as all 7 of the youth went to help with the English teaching. The youth all had an excellent morning, they had a lot of fun, they met knew people and were reminded how sports really can draw communities together.

For the afternoon, we also had a split group. We were down a vehicle and so most of the adults and one youth went to the worksite, and most of the youth stayed back so they could play sports and mingle with local children that often stop by the outside gym.

Those who went to the worksite were able to move dirt and pull more nails. However, it was quite oppressively hot today and so there was much more opportunity to slow down a bit and talk with the members of the church and develop those relationships a bit more.

They youth ended up not doing very much, as it must have been a bit too hot for the local youth to come out and play sports in the afternoon. Although there was some spectacular kite flying that they could participate in with one local child for a while.

Later in the afternoon, however, kids started showing up and a good game of basketball was played, won by Mr. Schipper draining a lovely 3-pointer.

After supper, we were taken out to a local mall so we could get some ice cream and do a bit of shopping, especially so we could buy an actual net for the basketball hoop.

We finished off the day with our usual group devotions and sharing about our day and practicing our Spanish song for Sunday.

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