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Mission Trip Day 6

Today was another split day for our two groups.

Our construction crew worked on moving some very challenging "soil" to help level the space.

A mix of clay and sand with grass made for some tough work. The wheelbarrow and tarp were used for most of this work but periodically the one wheelbarrow was needed for moving concrete blocks or mortar. Team building was in full swing! We were able to enjoy some water in small breaks, and even some coffee made by the church crew (with lots of milk to make it cooler and sugar to taste).

It was a new phase of building with the cement blocks being delivered yesterday.

The wall was not quite level, but the local masons were able to work their magic with the blocks to get the project on the level. Some of our team members were able to try their hand at filling mortar between the concrete blocks. As we were going to have a cultural afternoon, where we could learn more about Santo Domingo, we may be surprised at the progress of the walls without our help.

The other half of our team spent the morning continuing with English and gym classes with the various grades. We admire the amount of students that they can put into a small room, and also the amount of noise that comes from the other classrooms. There are only bars on the windows and no glass, so not much insulation from the other classes or the gym class that is going on in the center of the play area (which is completely concrete and gated in).

Gym class today consisted of some hula hoop, ring tossing, kicking soccer balls and hopping and skipping. Amazing that even with a limitation in verbal communication skills, the universal language of sport allows for some great interactions with our brothers and sisters in Christ here in the Dominican!

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