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Mission Trip Day 7

Today we began the day with another split group, with adults going to the building project and youth (and Jeanette and Pastor Phil) staying behind and working with the Christian school. The work project spent the morning, once again, mostly moving dirt. The entire area needs to be fairly close to level and we knew as soon as we saw it at the beginning of the week, that it would require more than a few days to move all. Today, though, we got a lot done. Especially since the afternoon had the full team out helping.

While we were moving dirt, the members of the church we are helping, were busy putting the walls up. A lot of progress has been made this week and one of the other jobs that we were able to do was haul the blocks over to where the people were working and then, when needed, hand them up to them, as they are now high enough up on the one wall that they cannot come down to get every block.

As for the youth in the morning, there wasn't actually much for them to do. A couple of them spent the morning helping out in the English class for the entire morning and a few of them spent the first hour or so helping in the older grades English classes.

Those who were helping out with gym spent the first part of the morning waiting for English classes to be over because the later part of the morning was going to have a basketball game(s). Basketball is a huge sport down here and many of the children are very good at it, and so there were some pretty intense games that took place. Mostly our youth were able to sit with the crowd of students that got out of class to watch, although Evan was able to join in the game as he has had many opportunities to establish some basketball relationships with many of the local youth.

We should also mention that the ministry center has been feeding us very well and once again, after a hard day's work, we were able to come back to a delicious meal and then we enjoyed a fairly quiet and relaxing evening.

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