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Mission Trip Days 1 & 2

Day 1 was mostly a day of travel. We left the Apoll's at 10:00 and travelled to Pearson Airport in Toronto.

And then at 4:00 we boarded the plane and flew to the Dominican Republic. With the exception of a little bit for turbulence (which meant our free beverages were delayed) the flight went well and we landed at 10:00 p.m in Punta Cana and were met by our Resonate Missionaries and brought to the Hotel Yamili where everyone was given a key to their room and after a little opportunity to sit and chat in the courtyard, we all settled in for a good night's sleep.

Day 2 began with waiting for teenagers to wake up, followed by a hearty breakfast and group devotions and orientation. Then we packed up and began the 3 or so hour drive to Santo Domingo and the Christian Reformed Ministry Center, where we will be staying for our time here.

As soon as we arrived we noticed plenty of local children playing basketball and other sports in the local courtyard. As soon as luggage was unloaded, the youth headed over and immediately started striking up relationships by joining with various sports activities (basketball, soccer and volleyball) and noticed how hot it was.

Mr. Schipper and Mr. Grasman also joined in for a bit. Everyone else sat around and watched and had some younger kids come and sit with them and played and we tried our best to communicate.

After supper we had the opportunity to go out to the local Christian Reformed Church for an evening of children's ministry. Our youth were able to lead in a couple of songs of worship, and then participate a drama of Daniel's and the Lion's Den.

This was followed by an opportunity to end the evening coloring with the children.

The day was ended off with some group devotions, where we had a chance to reflect together on how we were able to see the glory of God in the creation we were privileged to see and the people were were able to meet.

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